Brett Gillen

New Song Available

As part of BASEMENT STUDIOS PARIS annual rock song sampler, Brett's song, YOUNGER, can now be streamed and/or purchased for download


Written and Performed by Brett Gillen

Listen to it here


"Endless Inspiration"

New KIA spot directed by the indomitable Jaron Albertin and his international team of cinematic ninja assassins.  Shot in Madrid and Guadalajara, Spain. 🇰🇷🇨🇦 🇪🇸 🇺🇦  🇳🇱 🇺🇸 

A melody heard by chance, a song reimagined into dance.

Irma Vep - HBO

Director Olivier Assayas re-imagines his famous re-make of Les Vampires for a star-studded mini-series on HBO, packing as many real-life, Parisian vampires into the cast as possible.  Shooting only at night and providing warm blood as well as hot coffee, Brett agreed to play a small role and is seen here on the verge of a snaccident.

Backstage Paris is at it again, exploring the latest work of two titans of modern art and the love and inspiration they left behind. 

Check it out here

Paris Revealed

Backstage Paris, cheeky sneak-peeks behind the scenes of the most spectacular city in the world.

Check out Episode #1 below!

Little Belt




Directed by Theo Wenner 

with Alma Jordorowsky and Nozomi Iijima

Watch the full film in Chanel boutiques throughout the world. Watch a short version here.

"Votre courrier, madame. That watch goes very nice with your towel, by the way."

"En cuanto a mi gorro, lo llevaré de vuelta."


One of the coolest bands in France, the World, and perhaps the Universe is Naive New Beaters

Dick Bordeaux returns with David Boring and the Boys in

a nearly impossible adventure of high-jinx and shenanigans. Who lives, who dies - who laughs, who cries?

You decide in the new, Choose Your Own Adventure style music video for NNB's "Words Hurt," from Romain Chassaing and the madmen and fearless women at SOLAB pictures.

Winner, UK Music Video Awards, 2017

Bravo Romain Chassaing et big up à toute l'équipe ! 😎

"Heal Tomorrow" featuring Izia has gathered numerous awards and clocked over six million views

Filmed in surround 360º. 

Move your phone or use your trackpad to follow the singer through three, simultaneous worlds.  


Check out the video here

Moustache: Fake

Grin: Real AF


Four Beatniks in a Room

a film by Hisham Amer

Mexico City, Summer, 1951. William S. Burroughs struggled to write until he spent time in a Mexican jail for a crime almost impossible to imagine. Brett Gillen struggled to not wet the bed well into the late Seventies.  The difference between these two is vast, the things they have in common, few. Brett has yet to write a masterpiece, murder his wife, etc.  And yet, for a day and one long night, along with Mr. Ginsberg, Mr. Kerouac, and Ms. Vollmer, he feasted naked before a young man's camera "all wrapped around each other like a nest of hibernating rattlesnakes."

La Douleur

With Jason Domnarski, Cédric Vallet, and Pete Freeman

Paris est libéré!

"La Douleur" by Marguerite Duras is a gorgeous novel about Paris at the end of WW2 and now a film by deranged madman, Emmanuel Finkiel who lost his shit three times on set screaming at everyone to be professional.  So much fun to be shouted at in French by a middle-aged tortured genius! Shot with real American GI uniforms in a secret Metro station, all is forgiven Mr. Finicky - forging poetry into the moving image be not for the faint of heart.

Voice Over

Hold the Lines - Operation Cobra

Lead voice actor in filmmaker Hadrien Besse's Sam Peckinpah inspired stop-motion plastic gore-fest, selected for the prestigious "Coup de Coeur" at Cannes, 2017.

"A plasterpiece." - CHARLIE LEGDO.  

"A towering achievement impossible to step on, and thank gooodness 'cause it's sharp as hell." - BRICKDANCE FILM FEST

Watch it here!

But always drink responsibly


Smolder Much?


Produced by Ridley Scott and starring Kristen Stewart the director is a genius and the nicest guy in the world.  Not nice enough though to save Brett's part which originally opened the film. Nor Aurora Perrineau's. Nor many other actors, not to mention three, ten-day-old babies. Brett's review: "A lot of beautiful scenes in this movie, not a lot of Brett." If you went to see him in this, he is sorry. And if you went to see Kristen Stewart looking weepygorgeous, you got your money's worth and are probably not reading this. All to say, alas. Audition in Tokyo, move to Paris, fly back to shoot it, get cut like gristle. Makes you wanna throw in the towel and put Baileys in your coffee, maybe order a pizza tonight and pirate some rom-com piece of shit off the internet.


a film by Adrien Gaigne

Brett doesn't spend much time in church but when he does it's to play ghosts for young, French film makers. 

With Simon Dusart, Ania Gauer, Hugo Lebreton, Marc Amyot, and Bruno Degrinnes.

Screen Cowboy

Morgan Guering project, Matrix meets Buster Keaton.

Un chasseur de prime se lance dans une quête périlleuse : retrouver les icônes de Hollywood avant que la modernité ne les fasse disparaître.

You disappoint me, cowboy. Deploy the sentinels.


a film by Franck Marchal

From Films de la Falaise, "TARO," shot in a real, Parisian squat.

"TARO is a story about the relationship between art and beauty, love and death.  It's also a film about sexuality."

- Writer/Director, Franck Marchal. 

Can you tell he's French?

  Burntoy. Not to be trusted.

More PUB


Mid-level Bank Employee or International Sock Model? Il n'y a q'un pas.


"Soyez libre d’être nature"

de l’agence Altmann + Pacreau, diffusé dans 360 salles de cinéma de 32 villes.


Appearing in new web series, "The Game of Life," from Parisan writer/directors, Naia Lassus and Baptist Penetticobra. Here's a story about the project from a cool, French magazine:

 Les Inrockuptibles

Should be able to watch some of it here.

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Fête de la Musique, Paris, Summer 2015, met Lisa Hannigan.

  Okay to die.

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