Brett Gillen

brett gillen speaks three languages and owns two guitars, a mexican p-bass, and an acoustic typewriter.

brett's work as a writer has gotten him equally in and out of trouble while his acting in film, television, and theatrical productions has been featured throughout the united states, france, and japan - strange considering his beginnings in a small, northern californian town but predictable if you ever saw the self-made spy-kit still upstairs in his parents' attic which contains the notebooks, crudely forged identity cards, and fake moustaches used for early work in international espionage spying on his family as they fussed about the house.

brett is also a musician and has performed his original songs in new york city, paris, tokyo, and hong kong as well as las vegas and three small towns in tunisia.

lived more than ten years anywhere in particular? what's that like because brett has no idea.

having spent six years in japan as a performer of american tricks, brett is continuing the tradition as a professor at the best rock school in france.

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